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Screen Colors

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Glass windows and doors are the number one cause of energy loss in a home. Here at SlideRight, we offer the best quality Textilene window sun screens on the market today. By adding Textilene 80% or Textilene 90% solar screens to your windows, you can cut your home's energy bills by up to 25%! Solar window screens can protect your furniture and carpet from UV fading, while also providing daytime privacy. For durability, we customize your order with internal aluminum corners instead of plastic. Our screens are constructed with a durable .025 wall thickness. beige screengk-is-283.jpglink beige screengk-is-283.jpglink screensgk-is-283.jpglink screensgk-is-283.jpglink sun screengk-is-283.jpglink

Textilene sunscreens

Textilene window sun screens are among the highest quality screens in the business. Textilene provides the following benefits:

  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Provides daytime privacy
  • Protects home interior (carpet, furniture, window coverings)
  • Keeps insects out

Textilene screens are also:

  • Flame resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Mildew resistant
  • Made of durable PVC coated polyester

See the Twitchell Corporation website for more information on the Textilene product:

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Marquis Screen Doors

Lifetime Warranty on Rollers, Frame, Handle & Lock. 5-year warranty on sunscreen fabric, if added to door.


Marquis Sliding Patio Screen Doors are:

  • Constructed of 2 ½” extruded aluminum frame
  • Fitted with steel patio door rollers rated to handle up to 100 lbs
  • Built with aluminum frames with powder coated finishes
  • Equipped with a steel Mortise lock and an extruded aluminum handle

Our custom-made Marquis sliding patio screen doors come in 5 different colors we will color match to your existing door. You have the option of choosing bug screen or energy efficient solar screen.

Screen Options

SlideRight, LLC can fit your home with any of the following:

  • Window sun screens / bug screens
  • Custom arches
  • Marquis sliding screen doors with Lifetime Warranties
  • Commercial sunscreens
  • AZ sun rooms (with solar screens or bug screens)
  • Rescreens for sunscreens

Warranty Options

Lifetime Warranty Superior Marquis
  • 2 ½ extruded aluminum
  • 1 ¼ BB Rollers
  • Powdercoat finish
  • .060 extruded aluminum
  • Aluminum spur corners
  • Mortise lock
  • Aluminum handle assembly

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