Our SlideRight self-closing, self-latching system meets the pool barrier requirements for the state of Arizona as well as nation-wide regulations.

  • Unlike many of the bulky, conspicuous alternatives, the SlideRight system offers the aesthetic, discreet convenience of being color matched to your existing door frame.
  • The cable-housing air valve cylinder comes in five colors and is attached to the back of the sliding panel. At only an inch and a quarter in diameter, you may not even notice it unless you were looking for it!
  • The latch box is conveniently linked to the second handle by a lanyard placed on the outside of your door and masked by color-matching strips of cable cover.
  • Our device is also a cost-efficient home improvement GREEN product that will save you on your energy bill.
  • See our FAQ section for additional information.



Door Closer Illustration

  • double

    A Double-tooth latch bar is attached is attached to the outside of the door frame and a latch box with plunger is attached to the outside of the door. A latch handle is also attached to the door frame at a height that is inaccessible to children. When used by an adult, the latch handle retracts the plunger, allowing the door to be opened.
  • The cylinder contains the SlideRight pneumatic mechanism with adjustable air valve. When you open the door the mechanism is primed; when the door is released the mechanism automatically returns the door to the closed and latched position.

Slide Right New Latch

New Slide Right LatchSlide Right New Latch











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