Appeasing Potential Home Buyers

In our last blog post, we talked about adjusting your home in order to drive up the value of the home and get the greatest return on your investment. Making adjustments to reflect the market is important, but appeasing potential buyers is just as important.  Sure you can add all these fancy electronic interfaces, big additions, new bathrooms and kitchen appliances to gloss over the house, but the truth is you have to do other things to appease potential buyers.

Especially in Arizona, where heat and summer time temperatures control our everyday lives, small things like sun screens, new windows and doors, that may not look like a lot, can be the difference in selling a home in the future and having it sit on the market for longer than you could imagine. Sure, a new kitchen is nice and certainly going to grab the attention of buyers. The icing on top is when the agent selling the home can say confidently that all new windows and doors were recently installed lowering utility costs, making the home more energy efficient and allowing buyers to have some peace of mind in not having to make their own changes in the near future.

By adding Textilene 80% or Textilene 90% sunscreen to your home, you can cut your energy bills by up to 25%! They also protect furniture, carpet and in home belongings from deterioration and fading. Buyers do care about those types of additions to the home before they buy it.


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