Using Automatic Doors For Your Business

Automatic doors bring a lot benefits to the home, but they can also bring a lot of great benefits to your business or organization. Whether it’s an automatic sliding glass door, or an automatic opening door, consider installing a slide right door.


One of the most obvious benefits is meeting the requirements of disabled access legislation. More and more legislation is being passed to make reasonable adjustments for disabled persons to have access with automatic doors. You might have a ramp and think that is good enough to pass requirements. Ramps can be expensive to install and heavier wheelchairs could break them. Ramps also take up a lot of additional space and cause restrictions for curb appeal or attracting customers.


Another benefit is described nicely by, “automatic sliding glass doors make it easier for people to come in and out of your store. This means that they are more likely to come in and browse. This additional footfall also increases the opportunity to sell to people who may have otherwise passed by your store because they did not want to open a large door in order to enter. While this may seem strange part of the attraction is being able to easily access a store, especially if it is one on a level of a mall with a number of others vying for attention.”


They also just make it easier for customers, patrons and employees to enter and exit through the building. Give us a call and we can come by and see what the best options are for automatic sliding doors and sliding glass doors.


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