Pool Door Alarms

SlideRight is all about providing you the most protection, safety and peace of mind as possible. You may have a pool barrier, net or fence set up, but sometimes that may not be enough. A pool door alarm is the final piece in providing you as much safety and preventative measures as you can get. SlideRight pool alarms offer that extra layer of protection when used properly.  Also, SlideRight alarms are pool code compliant and meet city requirements where alarms are acceptable. 


Our Pool Door Alarm Specifications:

  • Pool Door Alarm resets itself after 15 seconds
  • Pool Door Alarm uses a 9 volt battery
  • Hire one of our licensed contractors for proper installation.
  • Alarm will sound immediately when the door open

There are some guidelines and regulations regarding pool door alarms. Where a wall of the house is used for part of the perimeter barrier and contains doors that open directly to the pool area, an alarm system may need to be installed. An alarm system installed a minimum of 54” above the floor on all doors with direct access to the pool and be a UL listed device (UL 2017).


Alarm specifications:


The alarm shall sound continuously for a minimum of 30 seconds immediately after the door and its screen, if present, are opened, and be capable of providing a sound pressure level of not less than 85 dBA when measured indoors at 10 feet (3048 mm). The alarm shall automatically reset under all conditions. The alarm system shall be equipped with a manual means, such as a touchpad or switch, to temporarily deactivate the alarm for a single opening. Such deactivation shall last no longer than 15 seconds. The deactivation switch shall be located at least 54 inches (1372 mm) above the threshold of the door.


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