Arizona Energy Improvements Some Of The Best In Nation

PS20andPS10The state of Arizona has some of the highest energy efficiency standards in the country. Because there’s such a high commitment to improving energy across the state, Arizona has seen great improvements. According to a report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Arizona ranked 12th in the country for largest improvement. Last year they ranked 17th but moved up 5 spots for the current ranking.


In 2010 Arizona adopted a more aggressive plan to improve their results. “Arizona’s goals are among the highest in the country,” said Jeff Schlegel, the Arizona representative for the Colorado-based Southwest Energy Efficiency Project.

In an article released by the Arizona Capitol Times they mention how the ranking is put together. “The 2012 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard ranks states on a maximum of 50 points over six categories: utility and public benefits programs and policies, transportation policies, building energy codes, combined heat and power, state government initiatives, and appliance efficiency standards.”

Companies like ours are committed to helping improve energy efficiency and standards. We institute products and services to increase efficiency and sustainability within your home. Sun Screens, window technology and doors can dress up your home but also help beat the summer heat and keep your cooling costs low. You can cut your energy bills by up to 25%. We share the same vision as Jeff Schlegel.

“Schlegel said the ultimate goal is to lower consumers’ electricity bills, save water, reduce pollution and create jobs.”

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Pool Door Alarms

SlideRight is all about providing you the most protection, safety and peace of mind as possible. You may have a pool barrier, net or fence set up, but sometimes that may not be enough. A pool door alarm is the final piece in providing you as much safety and preventative measures as you can get. SlideRight pool alarms offer that extra layer of protection when used properly.  Also, SlideRight alarms are pool code compliant and meet city requirements where alarms are acceptable. 


Our Pool Door Alarm Specifications:

  • Pool Door Alarm resets itself after 15 seconds
  • Pool Door Alarm uses a 9 volt battery
  • Hire one of our licensed contractors for proper installation.
  • Alarm will sound immediately when the door open

There are some guidelines and regulations regarding pool door alarms. Where a wall of the house is used for part of the perimeter barrier and contains doors that open directly to the pool area, an alarm system may need to be installed. An alarm system installed a minimum of 54” above the floor on all doors with direct access to the pool and be a UL listed device (UL 2017).


Alarm specifications:


The alarm shall sound continuously for a minimum of 30 seconds immediately after the door and its screen, if present, are opened, and be capable of providing a sound pressure level of not less than 85 dBA when measured indoors at 10 feet (3048 mm). The alarm shall automatically reset under all conditions. The alarm system shall be equipped with a manual means, such as a touchpad or switch, to temporarily deactivate the alarm for a single opening. Such deactivation shall last no longer than 15 seconds. The deactivation switch shall be located at least 54 inches (1372 mm) above the threshold of the door.

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Do Replacement Windows Save Money?

1Everyone wants to save money when possible and cut down on costs wherever they can. For homeowners, the never ending battle with utility bills, energy efficiency and home repairs seems to be a drain on bank accounts and extra money you worked so tirelessly for. Everywhere we turn we try and cut out expenses and budget our money in order to enjoy the things we love most in our lives. We’d all love to take a vacation, buy a new gadget or appliance, or spoil ourselves with something we just plain and simple…want. Believe it or not it is possible to cut down your overall expenses and save money in the long run.


Cutting down on electricity, especially in the dry Arizona heat where A/C units are run almost 67% in the summer and 85% of homes have a central A/C Unit, is a good start. How can you lower those numbers and reduce the amount of energy required to power your home and keep it cooled in the summer? Replacing windows is a perfect start. There’s a big difference between window replacement and window repair. Both will save you money in the long run. They both cut down on drafts and the amount of hot or cold air flowing in and out of the house. Some companies try to sell you a whole new door or window and replace the whole unit. Our motto, especially when it comes to sliding doors, “If the handles are fine and the tracks are fine, then don’t let another company sell you on a total sliding glass door replacement when you just need a simple glass replacement.”


Our double pane glass windows are very energy efficient, as the space in between the panes reduces the transfer of heat into or out of the home. Don’t be misled. There are situations where a simple window repair needs to be completely replaced with a new unit. If they’re broken and beyond repair, a new frame and window is necessary, but you still get the same energy saving results as a simple repair.


Energy Star estimates if you have single-pane windows, replacing them will save you between $126 and $465 a year, depending on the number of windows you replace and where in the United States you live. Over a ten year span, that’s over $4,000 in potential savings. You can do a lot of things with $4,000!

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Autoslide Systems for your Convenience

One of the auto door systems and automatic sliding glass door closers we sell and install are Autoslide door systems. SlideRight LLC. can now install an automatic door operator to your existing patio door in a matter of hours.  We use the Autoslide system to convert your existing home sliding door to a fully automatic one. We have four different options to choose from Autoslide. You can select from the pool package, motion sensor package, wall switch package or pet package. There are plenty of benefits to each of these packages, and they are definitely worth looking into.




One of the premier benefits of the Autoslide system is the security the door will close and remain closed behind you. With this security your heating and cooling bills will reside and your home will become more energy efficient as a result. The pet package allows the user to let their pets in and out of the house without your assistance. It also eliminates the need to cut doors in the middle of your wall or door for pets, and it prevents unwanted animals from coming in. It's compact, universal design allows the operator to be easily adapted to suite different applications including top mount, floor mount or left or right opening door. The whole aspect of the Autoslide system is to create a new level of convenience and assurance. The hands free operation and fact it’s easy to install make the Autoslide packages we have a must for anyone looking to reduce their bills and have more accessibility in their life.  

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SlideRight Get Together!

It's not ALWAYS about work here at SlideRight, (Although most of the time it is!). Our crew took the afternoon off to escape the outdoor heat & get together to enjoy some amazing food at Fajitas in Phoenix. 

Aug. 26th 2012.

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